Salmon Oil

BIOFOOD salmon oil is cold pressed from Pacific salmon (MSC), is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and contains optimum EPA/DHA values. BIOFOOD salmon oil is good for heart and blood vessels, reduces joint complaints, cares for and prevents skin problems (e.g. hair loss, itching, flea allergy and bald spots), ensures a shiny coat and improved digestion (less stools, better food ingestion) and lowering of urine pH value (due to bladder stones). Highly concentrated pure salmon oil and therefore economical in use and not mixed with other (cheaper) fish oils. For all dog and cat breeds.


Salmon oil.

Analytical components: - Crude protein 1.1%, Crude fat 98.1 %, Crude fibre < 0.3 %, Crude ash 0.1%. Natural preservative (rosemary E-392). Per 100 g. This product contains: Omega 3 fatty acids 23.8 % rel., Omega 6 fatty acids 16.8 % rel. Energy value 3,648 kJ/100 g. Available in e250 ml pump bottle (article 40691), e 500ml (article 4069) and 5 L jerrycan (article 40695).

Feeding advice:

Dietary advice: Dog: 10ml per 20kg body weight (=2 teaspoons a day). Cat: 5ml (=1 teaspoon a day).

Salmon Oil
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